As you know, nutrition plays a vital role in your progress. Arnold Schwarzenegger also understood this very well, and we present to you his 13 nutrition tips for ever better results!

1. Improve your nutrition knowledge

Many athletes learn how to execute a specific movement, organize a sports program… But fewer athletes focus on nutrition. With a better understanding of sports nutrition, you will be able to create your own meals according to your goals, instead of forcing yourself to follow the “meal plan” or diet of this or that bodybuilder or influencer.


2. Prioritize proteins

Whether animal or vegetable proteins, they are essential for the reconstruction of muscle fibers. If you train hard without consuming protein, you will progress less, or even regress if you are in a significant calorie deficit.


3. Calculate your protein intake

Some argue that it is necessary to consume 2.2 grams of protein per kilo of weight for athletes. In reality, 1g/kg of body weight is enough. By calculating this rate, you can better prepare your meals.


4. Use your egg yolks

If you have no particular reason for not eating egg yolks (high cholesterol level, etc.), it is important to be able to eat them. They contain almost as much protein as the whites. If you want to eliminate fat from your diet, start by eliminating other ingredients instead of cutting out half of your egg directly!


5. Don't fall into the “fat-free” trap

Many people wish to reduce the fat in their diet and therefore consume products containing little or no fat. However, some of its products add sugar instead to improve the taste, so it is not recommended. In addition, not consuming enough fat can damage your testosterone levels, which are essential for muscle reconstruction and recovery.


6. Use Protein Supplements

Better known as a "shaker", protein powders are very useful in the daily life of athletes. This allows you to ingest your protein level inexpensively and without preparation. However, if your current diet is sufficient in protein, you will not need it. This will therefore be aimed more at athletes with little time, or money, to prepare all their dishes.


7. Consume vitamins

Our bodies need vitamins to recover and function normally, a healthy diet should normally give you all the necessary micronutrients. On the other hand, athletes may need more vitamins than normal, in order to have optimal recovery and avoid deficiencies. So you can just use vitamin packs if you need them.


8. Ask about sugary foods

Everyone knows that sugar is bad for your health. Arnold advises above all to check the nutritional sheet of each food consumed in order to find out about the sugar level present. It is important to eliminate sources of sugar from the diet in order to have optimal progress.


9. Choose your food wisely

“ In the gym, some exercises are better than others, it's the same in the kitchen, ” said the bodybuilder. It is essential to know the origin and the quality of your food in order to optimize your meals. Avoid dishes already prepared and get your hands dirty!


10. Consume “post-workout” snacks

In order to have an optimal recovery, it is recommended to consume a protein snack after training. A shaker is generally preferred as it is the quickest solution but any other type of protein snack may be suitable right after your workout!


11. Eat more to take more

If you're sluggish and can't bulk up, add a 350-500 calorie meal to your day. To do this, calculate what you consume per day and what you spend. A simple subtraction will let you know how many calories you will need to not be in deficit and gain mass.


12. Avoid desserts

A dessert is always pleasant at the end of a meal, but they are generally filled with sugar. Avoid them as much as possible to reduce your consumption of sugar and fat.


13. Know the nutrition facts of your food

Widely used by professional bodybuilders, counting every gram of protein, carbohydrates, fats… in your food is very important for your meals. Of course, you don't need to know each food in detail, but knowing the fact sheets of your favorite foods will greatly help you to prepare your meals. For example, knowing that you have just consumed 40g of protein in your quantity of chicken, will then allow you to calculate the level of protein remaining to be ingested before the end of the day.


Of course, these are Arnold Schwarzenegger's recommendations, each athlete will have their point of view and their opinion on nutrition, it is simply important to be able to know everyone's opinions in order to then make their own.

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