To improve your muscle gain, your endurance, or your strength, certain intensification techniques may be necessary during your training sessions. Generally, they allow the muscles to develop in a period of time while offering practitioners better recovery and increased mobility. However, it should be noted that intensification techniques are prohibited for beginners and should be used in moderation. Here are some methods that can help you effectively intensify your workouts.

The pyramid workout

The pyramid is one of the most effective techniques for intensifying training sessions. Indeed, this method consists in practicing at least three (3) series of mass gain by increasing each time the load is used. At the same time, the number of repetitions performed should be gradually reduced.

To do this, you can start with 15 to 20 repetitions with a mass of 50 to 60% of the maximum weight you can lift at one time. You can finish with a short series of 5 to 8 repetitions with a load varying between 80 and 90%. It is also advisable to complete this technique by performing the same procedure in a descending fashion. To do this, it will be necessary to decrease the load and increase the repetitions again.

In addition, it is advisable to practice this technique in moderation, since the muscles are much more stressed. For more efficiency, you will have to limit yourself to one or two exercises that do not solicit the same muscles. The pyramided training is probably the most used, it gives very good results when it is combined with a balanced diet or even taking special bodybuilding supplements.

The superset

With regard to the superset, it will be a question of carrying out exercises involving two antagonistic muscles at the same time and without rest. This saves time in order to do much more intense sessions. For example, you can start by working the pecs and back muscles at the same time, alternate with biceps and triceps, lower back, and abdominals. The realization of the supersets allows in particular to obtain good congestion while also gaining in terms of endurance. They also promote good recovery.

Partial repetitions

The principle here is to gradually limit the range of motion when muscle failure is achieved. The main objective of partial repetitions is to overcome your blocking points. You can start the first series by lifting, for example, a heavy load repeatedly. It will be necessary to decrease the load after each repetition. In addition, you should not give momentum to finish the repetitions, because this gesture can cause muscle injuries.

In the bench press, for example, you can repeat the beginnings of the movement to work the pectorals. Partial repetitions can be practiced during a whole series of exercises or at the end. In this context, it will be necessary to focus on the work of certain muscles to strengthen them. With partial repetitions, your challenge will be to maintain a perfect execution of the movement, without swinging the load or changing your position.

Forced Repetitions 

Forced repetitions are among the most used techniques to overcome muscular failure. They are much more suitable for the bench press. To adopt this method of taking charge, the assistance of a partner may be necessary. The latter can give you a boost by helping you raise the bar. However, it should be noted that you must go down it alone. Your training partner should intervene at the end of each repetition.

In case you don't have a partner, you can adopt this technique with exercises, such as the one-arm curl. In addition, it will be necessary to show attention while trying not to do more than two forced repetitions.


This is a bodybuilding technique that consists of tiring a muscle with isolation exercises before continuing with exercises that can be used to work on it. When performing isolation exercises, care should be taken not to overexert the targeted muscles. The goal of this method is to work the muscle intensely and bypass the other muscles.

As a safety measure, it is important not to overuse this technique, as it is important to give the muscles time to recover. Without recovery time, you risk injury. The same goes for all other intensification techniques. Pre-fatigue makes it possible to effectively catch up on a weak point in the muscle and also improves endurance.

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