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Maths of transdermal steroid delivery?

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How to do the math and make a transdermal with Penetrate.... a transdermal matrix readily available online.


I've been getting asked more and more frequently about how to go about making a transdermal.. (not from scratch).. just the simple math of it more or less.

So, instead of re-inventing the wheel.. this should help everyone concerned. oh and this would apply to any base powder, test/eq/tren/deca etc.


Penetrate from Nutraplanet holds about 15 grams of powder...

1 bottle = 15000mg of test base (or 15 grams of test base)
15000mg / 480 squites = 31.25mg per squirt

So to make things simple you would need to take a total of 8
squirts a day.

4 in the morning (4 x 31.25mg = 125mg)
4 in the evening (4 x 31.25mg = 125mg)

for a total of 250mg ED. after absorbtion that's anywhere from 80-
100mg ED.. which is great.

480 squirts / 8 squirts a day = 60 days per bottle.

8 squirts a day is probably to much test for many of you however so here's a approximate breakdown by the squirt. (assuming 35% absorbtion)

5 squirts x 31.25 = 156.25 mg x .35 = 54.69mg ED x 7 = 382.81mg Every week.
6 squirts x 31.25 = 187.00 mg x .35 = 65.63mg ED x 7 = 459.38mg Every week. (which is actually more then 500mg of testosterone enanthate for example)
7 squirts x 31.25 = 218.75 mg x .35 = 76.56mg ED x 7 = 535.94mg Every week.
8 squirts x 31.25 = 250.00 mg x .35 = 87.50mg ED x 7 = 612.50mg Every week.


Now I never had to make one myself so I don't know from experience.. so others feel free to jump in at this point..

I'd suggest mix 3-4 grams in at a time... warming in a hot water bath will help... and I heard adding a couple ball bearings to the plastic penetrate bottle, will help alot when you shake the ever loving fuk out of it.


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