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Official Nordic Fusion Lean Bulking Cycle by Masonic Bodybuilder

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5 months ago #1
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Ok guys, the time is finally here to start my 20 week run! It has been quite difficult to wait and not start early but the day is near. I will be starting this cycle on Monday Feb. 15th. My son's birthday is this weekend and we are very busy at home getting ready. We have family coming in from the states and other places. I knew I wouldn't have time to train this weekend which is why I am starting on Monday. I also wanted to start this thread today to give everyone that wants to follow a chance to get in before I start. Here we go..

The Cycle:
1-20 Test C 500mg (Nordic Fusion)
1-20 EQ 300mg (Nordic Fusion)
1-20 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD (Nordic Fusion)
1-12 Cardarine 20mg per day (SARMS1)
1-6 Tbol 40mg (Nordic Fusion)
1-6 N2Guard 7 caps per day (N2BM)
14-20 Cardarine (SARMS1)
14-20 Anavar 40mg (Nordic Fusion)
14-20 N2Guard 7 caps per day (N2BM)

Perfect PCT:
20-22 HCGenerate ES 5 caps per day (N2BM)
20-28 Cardarine 20mg (SARMS1)
23-28 Clomid – 50/50/25/25/12.5 (Nordic Fusion)
23-28 Nolvadex – 40/20/20/20/10 (Nordic Fusion)
23-27 Aromasin – 7.5mgs EOD (Nordic Fusion)
23-27 Ostarine (25/25/25/12.5 (SARMS1)
23-28 N2Guard – 7 caps per day (N2BM)
*I must note that Nordic Fusion has been a pleasure to deal with. Their communication, packaging, shipping, everything has been the best I have ever dealt with. True professionals. I am looking forward to logging about the quality of the gear!

I decided to hire Muskate as my coach and trainer since he is so knowledgeable in this area. He has designed a personal training and diet plan for me. It will consist of the following training techniques:
Y3T Training
FST-7 Training
German Volume Training
DTP Extreme
I will be training 5-6 days per week and performing cardio after EVERY workout. There are technically 2 off days...one will be abs and cardio, the other will be a true off day. I have also learned when my body needs a day off and will take on if necessary.

My diet will be very simple. I will be consuming around 2500 calories per day as a starting point. The goal here is to gain slowly and not put on any extra body fat. I will be including the following foods:
Protein - chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon, whole eggs and egg whites, coffee espresso Isolation whey (N2BM)
Carbs - oatmeal, rice, sweet potato, occasional others
Fats - naturally occurring fats through my food plus fish oil caps
Fruits - apples, assorted berries, grapes, occasional others
Veggies - broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts, kale, assorted lettuce, occasional others

Current Stats and Goals:
14% BF

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5 months ago #2
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I am really excited for this. I will be following along buddy.

The workout program I have you on is no cake walk. Add in some Nordic Fusion supplements and this should be a really good cycle for you.

Post up a sample 'day in the life' of your diet and I'll give you my comments/suggestions.

5 months ago #3
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The cycle is very complete, and it seems to be ideal for safe and clean gains, so I am sure that you will be able to achieve your goals. And with such a PCT you will surely keep a lot of the gains. Will definitely follow your log, which is really nice.


11 hours ago .  5

Ordered many times and every time satisfied.Fast Delivery, great quality.Definitely No Fake products!


14 hours ago .  4

I ordered Bayer Rimobolan from this source. The shipping is high when coming from international warehouse but it's pretty fast and I got it no problem. I compared it to the Bayer Rimobolan that I got from domestic supply and it's legit as far as I can tell for what it's worth. I ...


15 hours ago

@admin He gave me a refund. Sorry for the late response. I thought you saw my earlier comment. We are good thanks again for your help.

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