"A fair system"

Yes, SteroidsWiki offer a review system which is the most fairest and flawless on the internet. As you can see in the image above that there are 9 main components of the system which are:

  1. Aggregate Rating
  2. Diamond Chart Visualizer
  3. Communication
  4. Delivery
  5. Product Quality
  6. Pricing
  7. Recomended by
  8. The Review itself
  9. Stars

Aggregate Rating

Aggregate rating is the Average Score calculated by adding Average Scores taken from each individual review left for the source/pharmacies by the users. This individual average score is calculated automatically by taking out the average of the score left by the user for Communication, Delivery, Product Quality, Pricing in each review.
Aggregate rating is the indicative of how the source has performed overall. However, the system we employ is strict in marking and to have an aggregate rating of 4+, a source must have performed flawlessly. As you can see in the image below the average score is 3.5 out of 5 which is based on 264 reviews.

Fig 1
Fig. 1

Three different colours are also used to visualize the aggregate rating.

  • Red means the reviews are very bad and an aggregate rating below 1.5
  • Yellow means the reviews are moderate and an aggregate rating above 1.5 but below 2.5
  • Green means the source is good to go and an aggregate rating above 2.5

Diamond Chart Visualizer

The diamond chart visualizer provides easily available comparison on how the online pharmacy/source has performed over the areas of Communication, Delivery, Product Quality and Prices in comparison to each other. The values visible on the chart are the average scores calculated after adding all the values from each individual review for each individual category e.g. Communication etc.

Fig 2.
Fig 2.


Communication is the average rating based on the user's submissions and provides information as to how good the pharmacy/source is in keeping its users up to date, resolving delivery issues and offering refunds. Specially in case of a seizure.
Rest of the features such as colors of the Stars work same as described under the heading of Aggregate Rating above.

Delivery, Communication etc
Fig 3.


Describes how the source/pharmacy has been rated by the users based on the performance in delivery the good to the users. Users rate the source on the aspect of delivery based on its turn around time, discreetness and time taken to actually ship.
Rest of the features such as colors of the Stars work the same as described under the heading of Aggregate Rating above.

Product Quality

Describes how the source/pharmacy has been rated by the users based on the quality of the products supplied. Counterfeits are a common things in steroids but experienced source take extra care to avoid shipping counterfeits. Sometimes these sources/pharmacies are fooled by their suppliers and can accidentally ship a bad batch. Apart from counterfeits the quality of Underground Steroids change from batch to batch. This paremeter is to indicate how the users have rated a pharmacies products in terms of quality.
Rest of the features such as colors of the Stars work the same as described under the heading of Aggregate Rating above.


Indicates if a source's pricing are reasonable or not. The higher the number on our chart, the lower the prices source has. Sources with high prices doesnot score very high on this aspect.

Recomended By

This is a very important aspect of the review system. It simply means that, if the user who left the review recomends the source to others. Recomendations are visualized using the Thumbs Up Icon as show in the image. If you see the same icon anywhere else on the website, just know that page comes recomended. The higher the number of recomendations represents a satisfied clientele.

The Review itself

This aspect is self elaborative. Read the review to know more.


Stars provide an easy way to visualize and quickly provide to our users an insight into the pharmacies overall performance. It shows the number of times a pharmacy has received a certain amount of stars while being rated the users. If you hover the mouse on the a certain value of stars, it'll display the percentage of stars the pharmacy has received e.g. if you hover on 5, the system will display the number of times a pharmacy has received 5-stars.

P.S. if you see unclaimed on the rating page it means the source has not claimed the ownership of the page. Feel free to motivate a source to claim the ownership of their pages. Afterall it is free and provides an easy way for users to IM the Pharmacy directly from roidbible.com


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Ordered many times and every time satisfied.Fast Delivery, great quality.Definitely No Fake products!


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I ordered Bayer Rimobolan from this source. The shipping is high when coming from international warehouse but it's pretty fast and I got it no problem. I compared it to the Bayer Rimobolan that I got from domestic supply and it's legit as far as I can tell for what it's worth. I ...


14 hours ago

@admin He gave me a refund. Sorry for the late response. I thought you saw my earlier comment. We are good thanks again for your help.

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