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Communication 3.98
Delivery 4.28
Product Quality 4.4
Pricing 3.66


1mexgear.org was added on Sat, 23 May 20. This listing has not been claimed. Currently 1mexgear.org holds the Lowest Trust Level i.e. Level 0 Steroid Source.

Added Sat, 23 May 20
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hedgar91\' Avatar
Junior Member Posts: 1  Reviews: 0  Threads: 0 
1 year ago

Aggregate  4.2
Communication  4.2
Delivery  4.5
Quality  4.5
Pricing  3.6

This was my first order from 1mexgear, yet I'm as of now snared on this source. I'll be returning once more,

Communications was magnificent. No issues here. Heroes,

Packing extraordinary. Delivery quick,

Tren E

The Letro is extraordinary. Took 1mg portions, and it did was it should after a couple of days. Anybody who NEEDS to realize that their artificial intelligence will be genuine and appropriately dosed, you are g2g with the Mex.
Mex's Tren E is comparable to some other source I've attempted. Seeing extraordinary additions in the previous few weeks since I began utilizing it. Also, the night sweats and sleep deprivation are more articulated, as well. I've been running it at 50mgs ED for as long as about fourteen days, and I couldn't be more joyful with the outcomes,

Very proficient. Furthermore, decent as could be.

Anthrax43\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4
Communication  3.7
Delivery  4.7
Quality  4.4
Pricing  3.2

Really dissapointed. Simply made my last buy from mex in the relatively recent past, and chose to complete blood work while I was on it since something didnt appear to be correct. Sufficiently sure, turns out the apparatus I got was bunk.

Mex and I generally messaged to and fro, also, consistently stayed up with the latest on everything!,

Packaging was consistently somewhat off, I was constantly shocked it didnt get got by the feds once in a while.

XT Labs 400-4
Omega Labs Dbol-1,

I have bought an aggregate of multiple times from Mex. First time I exploded, adored the stuff. Second time I scarcely made any increases, and I purchased a similar poo as last time. So this last time I got what was expressed above, and ran the blood work. Its bunk. Furthermore, I could barely handle it. As I investigated further, every one was stating the same thing. SO I was truly let somewhere near mex.

Please, dont utilize this source.

HllwdBdBoy\' Avatar
Junior Member Posts: 9  Reviews: 0  Threads: 0 
2 years ago

Aggregate  3.65
Communication  3
Delivery  3.9
Quality  4.9
Pricing  2.8

3 day part or not I am permitted to give a review and that is the thing that I did!! I sound like an infomercial becuase I found a damn lab that I truly like??? are you messing with me. In the event that I would had decided in favor of a lab possibly you loved or rep or what not for, at that point perhaps what I said would have been okay?? Furthermore, I will say it again Omega is incredible and is g2g and on the off chance that I am off-base for saying that than be it brother. I am a part on numerous different gatherings and when I went along with I figured I would stop in here also, do what you are assume to here, or I surmise if your solitary a multi day part on this discussion, I don't have the privilege since I am not tenable in the E world. Much obliged brother approach to invite somebody to your gathering Mr.mod or then again whatever your name is. Have a pleasant day.

1mexgear\' Avatar
Junior Member Posts: 1  Reviews: 0  Threads: 0 
2 years ago

Aggregate  4.65
Communication  4.7
Delivery  4.6
Quality  4.3
Pricing  5

ummm wow!!!!, still am keen on them.... will be back to post all results..in provider segment of course..lol

elsuperbeasto\' Avatar
Junior Member Posts: 2  Reviews: 0  Threads: 0 
2 years ago

Aggregate  3.9
Communication  4.3
Delivery  3.7
Quality  3.9
Pricing  3.7

Every one of my encounters wth this organization has been incredible. The correspondence furthermore, help that was given was so useful. In any event, when I did not understand he guided me to what exactly to do when I was an amateur with this stuff. Be that as it may he's an incredible person and I will consistently buy from him. , Astounding and excessively quick , Bundling was incredible. , T400, dbol, anavar, clomid, hcg. , Qulity of the test was incredible. The principal cycle
I did oral just however I despite everything got a few outcomes. In any case, I was still new furthermore, Didnt realize oral just cycle aren't the best

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