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Communication 4.13
Delivery 4.11
Product Quality 4.42
Pricing 3.96


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BESTGEAR official distributor of ZPHC and Spectrum Pharma. We sell only best brands Balkan Pharmaceuticals, SP Labs, ZPHC, Spectrum Pharma, Canada Peptides!


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11 months ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

Communication was quick, clear, and the whole process was very easy.
Order placed over the weekend and shipped on Monday. It took like 4 days from shipment to arrive. Basically lightning fast.

I've been out of the game for a little while but I reached out to BH to pick up some Proviron in and was extremely happy with the entire experience. This Proviron and has got me feeling like a fucking god among men.

It's a real deal. Great packaging, I love the blister packs. Overall top-notch and has me feeling on top of my game.

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1 year ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

This review is for the promo spectrum test mix. It was good they replied back to me within 24 hrs. The promo was domestic and the ta was 2 days just as fast as Amazon.

2 spectrum test mix (sust)

I'm using this at .5ml every 5 days and let me say I'm very pleased with this sust. Even though I'm taking a low dose I can tell this is quality test due to the mornin wood and oily skin. I've taken alot of different brands of test since I found steroidswiki and this is just as good as any of the top labs. The presentation is very professional shows they care about there product. Like that they have domestic shipping as well.

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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.45
Communication  4.7
Delivery  3.8
Quality  4.9
Pricing  4.4

This review is for ZPHC winny I got around a half year prior.

Communication was top bungle for all inquiries and they have extraordinary help.

T/An and bundling was speedy and secretive. Nothing strange and to my letter drop fast.

ZPHC Stan 10mg,

I took these at 50mg at the most recent a month and a half of my cycle. Got all that you\’d anticipate. Insane strength and tight af. I was rock hard and grainy. Just downside was elbows were truly dry and throbbing.

Best is an extraordinary source also, I would suggest them for any of your wellness objective peds.

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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.65
Communication  4.5
Delivery  3.9
Quality  3
Pricing  3.2

Review on my second and third orders Range Pharma and Balkan items.

Was extraordinary as usual. Replying in not many hours!,

Packaging careful, T/An around fourteen days,

Spectrum Test E
Spectrum Tren E
Spectrum HGH
Balkan Arimidex,

I'm now in the seventh seven day stretch of my cycle, I'm utilizing 750 test, 400 tren e
and 7 IU of development chemical every day (one day seven days off)
My strength has developed extraordinarily, animosity from tren is available, my
sleep has deteriorated. Increment in quality mass, I likewise utilize 0.5 mg of
Arimidex from the Balkan 3 times a week.
Trenbolone from Range is the best, all functioning loads have grown.
From development chemical a little burrow disorder is available, the quality
is superb. My body fat is diminished in spite of the fact that I include the absolute mass.
I use testosterone Range for the second cycle in succession, very
pleased with the quality.
All Range items are minded the authority site and
Arimidex of Balkan is something very similar, all items are unique.

Original items, extraordinary nature of items, amazing communication and wonderful shipping. Effectively made 3 orders and have 0 issues. I enthusiastically suggest this source. Will be returning for sure not one time!

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.77
Communication  2.6
Delivery  4.7
Quality  4.4
Pricing  3.4

Superdrol injectable - range,

Excellent, he\’s quick at answering to pm\’s and when I messed up the requesting measure he fixed with no issue. Is by all accounts on the web every minute of every day,

Arrived inside seven days. Wrapped up quite close.

Spectrum superdrol injectable x2,

I\’m at present on a test and deca Impact, beating anadrol fourteen days on 2 off. I was keen on trading the anadrol with superdrol as anadrol was beginning to swell me now my bf is higher which SD doesn\’t.

I\’m happy to say I got the ideal outcomes with injectable SD. I ran it 25mg a day split am/pm infusions - .25ml per infuse utilizing a 27g needle. Easy in bis, tris and chest. By day 4 I begun to see new profundity in my physical make-up, one that test and deca alone doesn\’t give. By day 6 things were commencing, I had the beginning of the 3D look superdrol oral gives you on week 2, strength in spite of the fact that as of now high as can be from the other compound could of expanded despite the fact that I added super, drop, Tri sets rather to limit the capability of an injury. These were added absent a lot of fight despite the fact that I was at that point working to limit.

Compared to the oral adaptation it\’s night and day, hits more diligently, quicker and gives you considerably more of that incredible sensation of being on stuff that orals give you. The results outwardly are comparable yet as expressed above accomplished in a much more modest time span. Day 7 on 25mg of injectable was viable to day 14-18 of the oral.

As with superdrol there was negligible swell despite the fact that I\’m hitting around 15% bf at this moment. SD appeared to function admirably with test and deca, there was no e2, BP, skin inflammation or gyno sides.

All this included some major disadvantages, by day 10 the weakness set in several days after the fact it was unendurable. I had no inconvenience getting up and continuing ahead with my day yet the second I sat down I would nod off. I deserted the most recent 2 days as I could no longer handle it. I will run it again in about fourteen days time yet I\’m anticipating running 15mg each day instead of 25mg ed to check whether I can keep away from the weariness yet get the crazy additions. Looking back 25mg each day is a major portion of SD injectable or oral. It\’ll be fascinating to perceive what I figure out how to keep of it.

Order set for my late spring cut with some range Tren base, that stuff is really insane.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.8
Communication  4.6
Delivery  2.8
Quality  4.5
Pricing  3.3

This is a review for ZPHC dbol 10 mgs for each tab. This was part of a promotion request.

Communication was on point. He responded to the entirety of my inquiry in a rapidly way even among a promotion and the entirety of the message he likely got that day, communication was consistently quick and never took over a day.

T/A was fast. I gotta my bundle inside the posted T/A so I don't have anything to grumble about.

2 100 tab 10 mg for each tab ZPHC dbol.

Product quality is correct where it ought to be. Considering the portion is 10 mgs for every tab, I felt all the good advantages from dbol at 30 mgs. Typically I utilized dbol at 50 mgs from the beginning of my cycle, in any case, since these tabs where 10 mgs for each tab, I chose to begin at 30 mgs daily for the first (around) a month, at that point I knock it up to 50 mgs a day for the span of the dbol part of my cycle. I feel like these little tabs are the genuine article since at 30 mgs I was getting the craziest siphons that would last the entire exercise. I would likewise get lower back siphons during back preparing that was so exceptional I would have to stop a few exercises. When I knock it up to 50 mgs, everything simply strengthened. I put on around 11 pounds during the cycle, however I know its greater part is water weight. My face got puffy so I needed to include arimadex to help with estrogenic side effects .

I would certainly suggest this brand and this source. Much appreciated again best gear for letting me participate in your promotion.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.5
Communication  2.6
Delivery  3.7
Quality  4.8
Pricing  2.9

Reveiwing ZPHC Dbol infusions 50mg per ml.
I utilized this stuff about an hour prior to preparing ordinarily at 1ml turning shoulders and quads. Negligible pip if any yet most the time none at all.
Skin parting siphons each time!
I increased around 15 pounds of mass more than 30 days and might have more on the off chance that I didnt miss the suppers that I did.

Quick reaction if required.

Arrived rapidly with tactful bundling.

ZPHC Dbol infusion 10ml x3,

Top quality
1ml/50mg every day about an hour pre work out for 30 days,

Top quality rigging from a top source, snappy delivery, very reasonable evaluating and great promotions! Cant beat it!

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.75
Communication  3.8
Delivery  3.1
Quality  3.7
Pricing  4.4

100% fulfilled and will utilize this source in future.

Support was incredible and I have quick answers on my questions. Correspondence was incredible.

Order was bundled well and discreet.
Delivery time was around fourteen days after installment. Gotten my bundle sooner than anticipated.

I request 3 Bold\’s Range Pharma and 1 Testo E Range Pharma. I was astonished by this brand as I've never utilized it utilizing this source.

3 weeks i\’m utilizing Testo E Range Pharma What's more, Strong. No issues oils exceptionally smooth no pip and quality appeared on point felt all parts of testosterone great charisma. For boldenone I think required smidgen additional time, seconds ago it start work.
I\’m utilizing 500mg testosterone and 750mg boldenone per week.
Cycle i\’m planing on 10 weeks.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.48
Communication  4.4
Delivery  5
Quality  4.5
Pricing  4

Much obliged pals for yours audits and votes!
Best respects! Welcome it!


3 hours ago

@Palmer909 Hey Bro,What are the products you are using? and how is it contributing to you?


3 hours ago

@bayjack73 Glad that it replaces the waist fats with abs :) and I'm a bit curious that it also contributed to your sleep cycle. But along with taking the hgh products; do you take any other supplements or specific diet for more effective results?


3 hours ago

@iron-kid Hey bro, what did you order?It is possible that the product you order is out of stock or there must be an issue with shipping. But they should at least inform you for that. Please Login or Register to learn, share knowledge and grow.