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Communication 3.89
Delivery 3.97
Product Quality 3.99
Pricing 3.75


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1 year ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  4.75
Communication  5
Delivery  4.4
Quality  5
Pricing  4.6

Requested my pack in January (2021) got it inside 31 days. Ran multi week cycle, incredible increases, extraordinary item, will buy once more.

When I requested back in January (2021) EKG was as yet utilizing the old site which had a ton of issues, from that point forward he has moved to the new site. The requesting cycle was to some degree convoluted on the grounds that there was a mistake with the beneficiary of the cash move anyway in the wake of reaching Euro Lord about the issue with on his end I had the option to figure it out and resend the cash move to someone else without issue. For a first time purchaser (as I was) this can be alarming however I kept quiet and contact with EKG and everything turned out great. He generally react my PM on here or his site inside 24 hours like his approach said.

There was some postponement due to public occasions when I requested my pack anyway it still went in close vicinity to the multi day guaranteed time span. The bundling was acceptable no issues, exceptionally attentive. A portion of my request was absent from the first pack I got, they had really stirred up a portion of my request and shipped me other stuff that I didn't structure. At the point when I informed EKG concerning the mistake they let me keep the additional items they sent on mishap and shipped me out the following day the remainder of my request, I got it around fourteen days afterward. A+ Client support from EKG, quick shipment on rest of my request no deferrals or horse crap from him.

Tren E 10ml Winged serpent Pharma
Test Cyp 10ml Winged serpent Pharma
Clen Mythical beast Pharma
Nolva Mythical serpent Pharma
Clomid Mythical beast Pharma,

Included on mishap in my pack was,

Winstrol 50mg Mythical beast Pharma
Test Sust 10ml Winged serpent Pharma,

I wound up using everything in my cycle (four months) when EKG said I could keep the additional stuff and didn't have to send it back to him. Item effectiveness and experience was A+++++++ made heaps of gains, was all that I had trusted it would be and merited the cash. The quality was acceptable no terrible PIP aside from with the sust (to be expected).

The metal top on the my vial of tren had nearly come right off the glass when simply eliminating the plastic top, this was somewhat disturbing yet it didn't fall off enough to break any seals or let the stuff get debased however I could of seen this being a major issue in the event that it fell off. Despite the fact that it didn't occur it was near it yet I'm certain in the event that I had enlightened EKG regarding this he would of traded the item however for me I just utilized it in any case.

now my PCT complete from the cycle and had bloods, my common test is back on track so even the PCT gear is affirmed 100% genuine from EKG/Winged serpent Pharma.

If you're a n00b and have issues with your request, send EKG a PM on here and on his site, continuously reference your request # so he can track your items and installment. Show restraint. Recollect that he say multi day shipping ensure. He is genuine. I did about a time of examination before I decided to buy with EKG and despite the fact that he has a ton of clients he generally set aside effort to answer me by and by and investigate my issues in any event, something so basic as I lost my secret word to his site.

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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.48
Communication  4.7
Delivery  4
Quality  4.4
Pricing  4.8

This review is for the Gen-shi Anadrol I got from Euroking.

Good communication as usual.

Item was safely and circumspectly bundled. Shown up inside about fourteen days after putting in my request.

Gen-shi Anadrol 50,

This was my first involvement in the Gen-shi brand anadrol. I went with my common portion of 100mg for an aggregate of about a month. The portions were equally split for morning and evening. Inside the initial fourteen days, I acquired around 8lbs in generally speaking bodyweight. The majority of this coming from water maintenance/glycogen. I was continuously lifting all the more every week and was ready to build my cardio yield. I encountered some side effects like; sleek skin and migraines. My hunger remained uneffected.

I have been utilizing Euroking for quite a long time and have consistently been happy with the assistance I've gotten.

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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.92
Communication  3.8
Delivery  3.3
Quality  3.9
Pricing  4.7

This review is for certain items I ordered during one of their deals. A companion of mine and I joined an order
Me: Mythical beast Pharma Sust 350, DECA 300, Oxymethalone
Friend: Winged serpent Pharma Test E, Clen and Dbol
Both of us ran multi week cycles,

There was none required except for when I a few inquiries they were answered to inside 12 hours which was MORE than palatable to me!,

I got the pack in 11 days which for an abroad source is very extraordinary!!! Everything was discrete and firmly wrapped nothing broken, obliterated or missing!,

Me: Winged serpent Pharma Sust 350, DECA 300, Oxymethalone
Friend: Mythical beast Pharma Test E, Clen and Dbol
Both of us ran multi week cycles,

Dragon Pharma Oxymethalone: Crazy siphons, strength supports, red platelet tally, platelet increment, some acne,l and as I would like to think similarly as solid as what my Dr. Endorsed me while I was on chemo.
Dragon Pharma Sustanon 350: WOW is all I need to say about this stuff! Kicks in part of the way through the second week ran it at 700mg per week (2ml) and I began creating muscles I didn't realize I had haha. Indeed, even basic activities created more earnestly muscles also fat misfortune!!! I dropped a great deal of water weight and made Genuine additions. I had never eaten at a Hooters yet we had a lovely worker who remained at our table to visit with us she continued folding her hand over my arm she even asked ME for my telephone number so we could remain in contact! My companions were stunned and generally annoyed at my prosperity in the eatery! Haha. The young ladies there inquired as to whether I lift I playfully said just when I drink lager and lift my beverage to my mouth haha! It was awesome having that sort of control to rule discussions and be effective with women!
Have NOT utilized the DECA at this point that is destined to be for a future cycle.

My companion was totally BLOWN AWAY by the items He utilized 500mg of Test e for 15 weeks and a month of dbol to launch his cycle. He acquired 24lbs and just lost 2lbs during his pct! He utilized 80mcg of clean each day and he said it was insane the side effects were intense he dropped practically 3% body fat and was more torn and characterized he too said the acknowledgment was simply awesome the sensation of prosperity while on these items was through the rooftop! As I would see it I felt like the Mass! I have date number 3 with an exquisite blonde Friday night my certainty is through the rooftop I recuperated such a lot of muscle from what I lost during chemo acquiring 26lbs just losing 3lbs during my pct! I was unable to be more joyful with these items and with EuroKing!,

I trust you stay around and ascend through the positions here sibling since you Have the right to!!! Don't wonder whether or not to take a stab at EuroKing you will not be baffled I guarantee! My as it were objection was the EO in the Residue 350 for around 12 hours post infusion I felt influenza like yet I was alright after around 12 hours

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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.5
Communication  3.4
Delivery  3.1
Quality  4.1
Pricing  3.4

Easy to work with and top quality items.

Source returned all messages in rapidly and replied all inquiries I had. Exceptionally supportive.

Packaging was circumspect what's more, turnaround was extremely short. fourteen days from request until I got things.

Kalpa anavar 10mg tabs,

Use items for about two months at 20mg per day. Quality was extraordinary! Saw sees in my lower arms after first week. After that I made sluggish yet consistent additions while getting less fatty everywhere on my body. Removed a ton of water weight while on my cycle.

Happy with the items, T/An and communication. Extremely simple to arrange and get things with this source. Anticipating my next cycle with this source.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4
Communication  4.7
Delivery  3.3
Quality  3.3
Pricing  4.7

They at last consented to re send, thay have consistently been acceptable as far as I might be concerned, and they followed their arrangement as expressed on their site precisely as expressed. I have utilized them multiple times before without occurrence.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.85
Communication  4.1
Delivery  4.5
Quality  3.6
Pricing  3.2

Crimping issues and perhaps fake HG gear has nothing to do with what u said. Fake doesn't mean bunk, underdosed, or messy stuff. U are clearly new and have alot to learn. Also, it wasn't the cog wheels issue u didn't put on weight. I'm certain u could go with sciroxx, asiapharma, rebel, DP, even homemade libation and not see results... U gotta eat and train.

U say that u requested 3 distinct occasions on the grounds that others advised u to?? So u said the initially run was garbage, at that point chose to arrange again and that was garbage?? So to be certain u arranged multiple times? Please man. I'm definitely not getting it assuming that was valid, you would be the genuine retard

BRIAN1980\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.87
Communication  3.8
Delivery  3.9
Quality  4.7
Pricing  3.1

This is a review for covertness test e 400, tren 200, and winstrol,

Communication was extraordinary once a ticket is made or then again a pm is sent I generally get an answer inside 24 hours.

I have requested from the ruler many occasions throughout the long term and his T/An is generally 10 days or less however on this event it took somewhat over a month toward the east coast US.

Stealth tren e, test e 400, winstrol,

I ran the test @ 200mg/week and the tren @ 600mg/week and the most recent a month and a half I ran the winny @ 50mg/day. This is the first occasion when I have increased the tren recent/week and the strength gains from the extra 200 were stunning. I have recently completed my multi week cycle and I'm greater, more grounded, and more slender than I have at any point been so I can securely say that the covertness gear is genuine and I will put another mass request with the Ruler very soon.

mobigga\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.32
Communication  3.3
Delivery  4.3
Quality  3.1
Pricing  2.6

iv been managing euro for quite a while and never had an issue however once and it was with the mail administration holding up the bundle inside seven days they disdain my bundle. this person has consistently been on point with extraordinary item. its for Genuine il consistently be a client with this guy!!!!

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.68
Communication  3.2
Delivery  4.6
Quality  2.9
Pricing  4

I made a request July sixth and it shipped the fifteenth. I keep minding the assessed delivery dates and they have progressively changed from August first to in the long run September fifth starting today. I'm not certain if that is ordinary or not but rather I haven't got a reaction from the help site. This is my first request and I'm somewhat at a misfortune at this moment.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.15
Communication  4.4
Delivery  3.5
Quality  4.7
Pricing  4

No issue. That message just came out today. Appears as the deals were amazingly famous.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.13
Communication  3.3
Delivery  2.6
Quality  3.7
Pricing  2.9

DP Cypionat 250 has consistently been something that I was keen on attempting,

Euroking is reliable in his follow up to my PM's, incredible Client support given by this source,

Pack regularly takes around 15 business days however is well worth the stand by and incredibly cautious,


First and chief CYP is my #1 test besides TNE in oil. I have attempted various CYPs and I can genuinely say that this DP CYP 250 is of excellent. The DP line for CYP is similarly pretty much as great as some other accessible CYP so Im extremely happy with the fruition of my multi week run requiring 500mg per week. My water weight went up which is the reason I incline toward CYP over the other accessible tests, honestly CYP consistently gives me the ideal outcomes and this DP line is currently one of my top picks. Throughout the course of my experience on, I acquired a particularly required 22lbs, and my solidarity has been consistently expanding continuously. The oils are smooth and clear and give 0 PIP which is consistently a reward considering me to remain predictable inside my sticking timetable. My moxie has been raised since the main week, and I truly didnt get any sleek skin or skin inflammation at all. The psychological edge has been incredible permitting me to impact through my exercises while feeling solid and siphoned and my recuperation from those exercises has been additionally extraordinary permitting me to hit certain muscles on various occasions each week. The oils are smooth and I generally anticipated the following pin as Im making incredible gains in thw exercise center. Indeed again I acquired some water weight yet that permits me to look greater and more grounded which again is the reason CYP is my top pick. This DP CYP was a can anticipate me as Euroking offers a few exceptional promotions which I was anxious to get on board with the fleeting trend. The most amazing aspect about working with Euroking in addition to the fact that he has incredible DP CYP 250 yet his Client care is genuinely allied of its own. On the off chance that I at any point had an issue EK is consistently the first to listen to me at that point gives an incredible answer for my request. So yes I do reccomend this DP CYP 250 for its usability, results demonstrated from use, and for simply being a extraordinary expansion to my mission for a superior build for myself. I would not hesistate to load up on this item as its better than normal as I would see it. Everything I can say is that Im happy with the item and the results and the way that the oils never gave me any PIP tossing my system messed up, extremely predictable compound and worth the time and exertion most definitely.

DP CYP is extraordinary, predictable, and turned out outstandingly for me, Thank you EK

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.02
Communication  3.3
Delivery  4.6
Quality  4.1
Pricing  4.1

The items are extraordinary! The Mythical serpent pharma is exceptionally smooth. The help is generally excellent too.

Communication is alright. Backing is awesome.

Dragon pharma enanthate 250 is amazing. Low pip great additions. Kalpa turanaxyl with is extraordinary strength gains are through the rooftop. Incredibly hard and veins all over.

Dragon pharma enanthate 250 is extraordinary. great increases. Did 500mg every week for 12 weeks Kalpa turanaxyl with is extraordinary strength gains are through the rooftop. Incredibly hard and veins all over. Ran this for about a month, week 1 at 20 mg daily and afterward weeks 2 3 4 at 40mg every day. Acquired 26 strong lbs

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.85
Communication  4.6
Delivery  3.9
Quality  3.5
Pricing  3.4

This was my first time having a go at Euroking, I was very blessed to get the liberal promotion of 20 amps of Tren Expert by Singani. This was an extraordinary offer and I feel the 20 amps was a decent sum to really figure out the item quality and use for a important term. The actual item just as the generally experience with this source surpassed my assumptions.

The communication was extraordinary and all inquiries were replied and taken care of rapidly and well disposed. For a first time with this source I discovered them to be awesome at what they do and made my request a straightforward cycle that was straightforward and went smooth.

This class was wonderful as the T/An and bundling came firmly and safely wrapped thus circumspect you would have no clue with respect to the bundle substance. There was no harm to the things requested and everything was unblemished and came quick IMO for a promotion and was shown up route speedier than I expected which is consistently pleasant.

20 Amps-Singani Tren Expert.

This is clearly the main piece of the requesting experience particularly when attempting another source. It was my first run with EK, yet additionally my first time truly utilizing the Singani brand, however I had heard incredible things, I was truly happy immediately that I pick the Tren Pro. I begun at 100mg eod as this timetable even with the acetic acid derivation is fine for me. I was likewise utilizing pole prop and test prop from another source that I had begun simultaneously. First pin, tasted the tren and needed to back my breathing off and afterward had a couple of minor hacks that were not under any condition to cruel or uncomfortable.This was trailed by a couple more hacks on pins yet not to visit. Into the main week I was feeling too aggresive in the exercise center and having great sweat-soaked exercises and felt the increment in body temp for the duration of the day, anyway didn't get that awful with night sweats or dreams and I infrequently get these sides very hard in any case. This tren felt truly solid to the extent fat consuming however, I was on a perfect eating routine that is somewhat on the higher side of carbs to remain full and keeping in mind that running this tren I could see my midriff getting more tight, particularly after waking. Every one of my lifts were at a significant level and hitting 315 for reps of 12 to 15 was feeling simple on slope seat. Strength just continued improving and I was moreover truly laser sharp engaged. I truly like the way this tren made me feel, yet it was the way that it made me noticeable look way better following half a month that prevailed upon me. A ton of tren can give you all the sides and the psychological edge of tren and make you somewhat more grounded, however toward the end it resembles wtf I appear to be identical, This tren really worked great at body arrangement and assisted me with getting less fatty and vascular. Generally I think this was a decent strong item that I will arrange once more also, can add to just a modest bunch of tren that is worth recurrent use. I need to attempt the remainder of the Singani brand if this is the manner by which extraordinary there tren expert is.

This source was a joy to manage, even prior to utilizing them simply being a piece of this local area i've seen that EK is a decent fella and an example worth following with how he acts and the liberality he's appeared to individual individuals. The way that he conveys top quality items is significantly more explanation i'd suggest utilizing him.
This was one of numerous orders to accompany EK and i'm happy I utilized this source. Much obliged Euroking!

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.43
Communication  5
Delivery  4.4
Quality  3.8
Pricing  4.5

Order January 10th..waited assessed shipping time...then held up an extra 30 days...then got advised to stand by 10 more...still nothing and now the site is down...will informed you as to whether I hear back

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.03
Communication  3.7
Delivery  4.4
Quality  4.1
Pricing  3.9

Review for Genshi promotion Anavar 10mgs
I been utilizing the anavar at 50 mg every day for last 3 weeks.
The medication functions as gives me the hardness and dry look that I anticipate from quality var.
Its encouraging me drop the additional water of the lower mid-region and the siphons in the exercise center are spot on.veins are coming out pleasantly and comdined with great eating regimen and cardio is an executioner combo.very happy with this var and I would definetly get it over and over.

He is very good.always hits me up inside a day.

Packing was tight and secure and secrecy.

5xAnavar 54 pills a container,

I been utilizing 50 mg a day for 3 weeks now.
The quality is awesome.good siphons and strenght with dry hard look in the mirror.

I recommed Euroking and his genshi Line. Please Login or Register to learn, share knowledge and grow.