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2 years ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  4.77
Communication  5
Delivery  4.5
Quality  5
Pricing  4.6

My request came rapidly. I got a little dbol as an afterthought as a blessing. Much obliged to you pharmacom.
I got my bloods back and the testosterone is by all accounts genuine. The AIs likewise appear to be genuine, I took a letro before my blood test and had absoluely no estrogen. I put on some great quality muscle and cheerful with my outcomes

Extraordinary correspondence. I was told it would deliver anyway it came from china so......... Packing was astounding circumspect and extraordinary.

Items Ordered
1x 600mg deca
2x 300mg test E
1x letro
3x anastrozole
1x Accutane

Quality is extraordinary and I have bloods to back my case, Amazing! Please Login or Register to learn, share knowledge and grow.