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Communication 3.99
Delivery 4.17
Product Quality 4.25
Pricing 4.22

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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.6
Communication  3.3
Delivery  3.7
Quality  4.3
Pricing  3.1

My first order from preeminent stroidbible after bunches of investigating, appeared to be a nice source subsequent to perusing every one of the remarks from past clients. Put in a little request just to test how the folks fill in as there are an excessive number of trickster around and didn\’t need to lose my cash as have had awful insight previously.

Didn\’t need to communicate to the source as all the refreshes went to my post box including tracking number.

Packaging was attentive, you could never tell what\’s inside, resembled a little bundle from eBay or comparative. Set an order in the initial segment of the day and got it staff the accompanying day.

2x Vidalista 40mg (Cialis)
2x Fildena 100mg (Viagra)
1x Bacteriostatic water 10ml,

Products looked to me as drug store items, genuine. Clearly gave both a shot seperate days, turned out entirely great. Had a touch of migraine from Fildena, ought to have taken a large portion of a pill, anyway the effect from the pill was very self-evident. Favored Vidalista substantially more as the result was the equivalent however no cerebral pain.

Overall had a decent experience with these folks and will return for a greater order soon. The remarks I read about preeminent appeared to be real as administration is pretty great and the primary concern for me - dependable. Will tell everybody when I take a stab at something more genuine from these folks, trust they will be simply on par with this time.

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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.03
Communication  4.4
Delivery  3.8
Quality  3.5
Pricing  4.4

I've utilized aisgood at incomparable stroidbible now for an about a year they have never allowed me to down on delivery, quality, reach and top labs/Pharma grade products on the off chance that you need quality stuff delivered in brief time I suggest them 100% aisgood is a top guy well disposed gives great exhortation (on the off chance that you require it) what more do you need.

Aisgood continuously answered instantly with any assistance &?advice you require,

Next working day what more do you need pressed so well even I was shock when I opened it up the chap is genuine astute and on the ball,

I order heaps of stuff of aisgood however this review if for the promotion Sister Test E I won,

I've recently happened to a deca tren test run (all Sister) and am cruising on the Sister Test E 300 utilized the full vial at 1ml each 3days so run it for a munth on my subsequent vial presently had a little plunge in strength and size yet at the same time got most my benefits not got the horn back yet has just been a munth carnt regard miricals yet at the same time feel Alfa very thick to nail decent egg to your can or leg however no genuine torment pip dam great Test dam great lab getting s however pricy yet on the off chance that the quality wouldn't fret forking out a piece mor,

If your new to this site look with certainty if your not new you don't me disclosing to you anything your all around a happy client

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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.97
Communication  4
Delivery  3.9
Quality  4.2
Pricing  3.8

Got some PCT tabs for use following a multi week anavar (initial 8 weeks) and test e cutting cycle.

Pills were fine. I spread the 4 out during the day, which worked better as the a couple times I took them in one portion I had pulse issues - nothing genuine, simply circulatory strain felt higher and face flushed. The pills themselves weren't squeezed especially well which implied when I took 4 without a moment's delay they disintegrated in the mouth, which clearly implied it got into the circulation system faster. For the most part I thought clomid and nolva could be taken at the same time however I would exhort with these pills to spread them out during the day - simply my input.

I was on a cut during my cycle however annoyingly I got sick not long before I completed my cycle and started PCT - a Christmas cold/influenza. This without a doubt didn't help as I was out of the exercise center for a decent fourteen days directly toward the finish of cycle when I needed to begin building just to add on as much weight and strength as I could prior to falling off. In any case, regardless I've held up alright.

I was preparing a multi day bodybuilding split during cycle which I've changed to strength preparing 3 times each week now during PCT and post PCT till my next cycle (seat, OHP, squat, dead). Am currently 1 fourteen days out of PCT (and just been back in the rec center half a month in the wake of being sick) and haven't lost a generous sum off any of my lifts (5kg on dead, 2.5kg on seat, 2.5kg OHP, 5kg on squat), and I'm presently starting to acquire muscle and strength once more. The way that I'm presently in calorie surplus rather than deficiency like I was on cycle has made it simpler, in spite of the fact that there were a couple of rec center meetings where I battled greatly. Seat press particularly where loads I was hurling near effortlessly during cycle felt like chart book stones. Needed to bring in a spot many occasions!,

Lost a touch of mass and acquired a touch of fat, albeit that will be normal. The fat addition is peripheral and has been balanced by the decrease in water weight as well so I don't look any less lean especially. I'm additionally on a mass now and hoping to acquire strength. All things considered it's not been an unpleasant PCT. Balls are currently back essentially ordinary measured having decayed during cycle (I didn't utilize HCG).

As for sadness/low drive. Experienced that be that as it may, just for about the last 1 and a half long stretches of PCT.

All on the whole I'd suggest the pills on the off chance that you have done a not too exhausting cycle. Next cycle I'd presumably use HCG which will help. I'm off now till July most punctual as follow the time on inc pct = time off in addition to some mantra.

Perfect as usual.

ROHM PCT tabs 30mg 120 tabs,

Tabs are a blend of three substances which are Nolvadex, Clomid and PT141 Sex chemical,

Hard to pass judgment on item nature of PCT tabs, the actual pills were inadequately squeezed yet I don't question that the tabs were accurately dosed. Utilized for 30 days 4 times each day

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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.22
Communication  4.4
Delivery  4.2
Quality  4.7
Pricing  3.6

This a review for intex mass 500 ( test 300mg..deca200 mg) just to test a portion of the intex range as heard a ton of extraordinary things furthermore, it didn't dissapoint at all.... Extraordinary provider as consistently ought to be higher up the rankings IMHO ....

Not much required request gotten subtleties despite the fact that they are as of now provided on the site after your request straight away which consistently makes it simple got an email expressing request was finished the day in the wake of requesting late around evening time,

Ordered late around evening time and got 2 days after the fact which has continuously been something similar with these source bundling was awesome and discrect came through present required on sign for yet couldn't determine what it was,

Several intex mass 500 test and DECA 300mg-200mg,

Used for 10 weeks up until now and quality is as ought to be utilized test and DECA before ordinarily and this is extraordinary compared to other had gyno related issues as I generally so and DECA gives me erection issues however the additional test in the kept me great morning wood consistently and horny every minute of every day lol.
Injections go in truly smooth there is a considerable amount of pip yet this is normal with high fixation mixes and I was told this prior to requesting which consistently helps . following a little while the test e kicked in overall quite solid and strength and muscle size begun to improve
This labs introduction is best in class truly intrigued codes look at as bona fide also.

Overall I have had many arranged with incomparable and have never been let down I have absolute confidence in them while requiring everything furthermore, anything and free postage is an extraordinary touch thankyou incomparable #1

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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.58
Communication  2.7
Delivery  3.3
Quality  3.9
Pricing  4.4

Supreme is the main provider I have utilized after a long break. I picked them from the reviews that I have perused on roidbible,

I need to date made 3 orders from Preeminent and every one has shown up expeditiously, safely and with the right substance that were requested. Each request was sent unique delivery and the snappiest deliver was 22 hours from making installment to the items showing up.

Communication has been instant and nitty gritty. As there have been no issues with any of my orders communication has been restricted the standard installment and dispatch warnings.

All three bundles were safely stuffed and discretely marks. Positively no issues with this.

Rohm and Sister Anavar 50mg
SIS Anadrol 50mg
Rohm Dbol
Gentech Aromasin
Gentech Proviron
Gentech Cialis
Rohm Tamoxifen
Gentech Clomid
Hilma Anastrozole
Mp CJC 1295 DAC
MP Ligandrol
Syringes + needles
SIS Test Prop,

So far item quality is great.

As you can see I have submitted a sensible whole in managing Preeminent however need to say I'm absolutely happy with them.

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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.1
Communication  4.8
Delivery  3.8
Quality  2.9
Pricing  4.9

This was a request from 2 months back,

Only sent 2 messages yet email back in practically no time,

Very great just 8 days including ends of the week and this was during thanksgiving,

I got sister labs test 400, boundlessness labs tri tren, sister labs d bol, Hilma biocare clomid,

The sister test kicked in after 2-3 weeks took 1.5 cc ever week and 2 cc of the tren consistently stacked with the d bol at 30 mg for about a month all items were very great and I was exceptionally happy with the outcomes the test had some pip. Exceptionally intrigued with the shipping and pack very well incredible spot to purchase from

aisgood\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.78
Communication  4.3
Delivery  3.2
Quality  4.2
Pricing  3.4

Pleasure to serve you Sir.

StevieB\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.32
Communication  3.4
Delivery  3.2
Quality  3.6
Pricing  3.1

I've orded a decent couple of pieces from Incomparable at this point. This review is for Gentech Tear Quick 300, Hilma biocare Sustanon and Hilma biocare Clenbuterol,

None required, yet sent at each progression of the measure.

Items were bundled well.

Gentech Tear Quick 300
Hilma biocare Sustanon
Hilma biocare Clenbuterol,

Gentech Tear Quick 300:
Holy damnation this stuff has a kick, PIP was a mother! Without fail and each site. I began to lean out pleasantly following half a month, strength expanded and it welcomed on gyno so I included Prami and a little portion of Letro to balance it. Remembering the portion was 1ml each and every other day the PIP began to turn into an issue so I included the Hilma Sust with the expectation of weakening it down and spanning into tri tren.

Hilma biocare Sustanon:
It assisted with the PIP caused by Tear Quick. Slick skin expanded and the old fella become more dynamic. Following half a month I created and injury so quit everything other than 1ml of sust each week. It's kept me ticking over until I'm prepared to begin another impact.

Hilma biocare Clenbuterol:
It's unquestionably Clen, yet contrasted with others it's not unreasonably solid. I began on 1 tab 40mcg each day and felt nothing. I figured it very well may be bunk or underdosed so the next day took 80mcg furthermore, everything was as it should be.Shakey, and an I felt a touch hotter. Presently to be absolutely open I am as of now on nerve medicine due to the injury, which may have dulled the effects of the Clen? I've attempted to investigate, yet the blend of prescriptions is an odd one, so I'll leave it for you all to arrive at your own decision on utilizing it. Everything I can say is it certainly is Clen, it's simply as far as I can tell its only not as solid as different brands.

A extraordinary source who has the right to be at the main opening. I have just had one issue with a request which was managed rapidly and to their detriment. Quick turn around, great line of items and great client care.

Colossus_fit\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.5
Communication  4.1
Delivery  3
Quality  4.3
Pricing  2.6

i utilized this source so often and never disillusioned,

fast answer by means of email and pm,

7 days in EU,

2 anadrol sister lab,

i've utilized 50mg ed for the first week, than 100mg ed for about a month. extraordinary size, more full muscle.strenght up rapidly and veins everywere. I added 4,5 kg in 5 weeks stacking with test and hgh,

i additionally utilized it in the last piece of my contest prep, I truly like anadrol in light of the fact that I have zero water maintenance out of muscle. Anadrol is my number one oral,

one of the best sources here

kibby\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.93
Communication  3.4
Delivery  4.2
Quality  3.3
Pricing  4.8

This is a review for Rohm labs test e 300.

same everytime I order......

Donation sent.
Confirmation email.
Then email to state item shipped.....never been over 2 hours from requesting to shipped!,

Always cautious and items consistently turn up intact,

3 \xd7Rohm test cyp
3\xd7 Rohm test e,

Ran the test e as a voyage at 200mg per week for 2 months.
Felt great, solid labido no ai needed.....just felt truly up best.
Oil is perfectly clear and smooth and I would state precisely dosed.... (No bloods).

Very proficient source and a delight to manage,

Never no bother or worries
Highly suggested.

Thanks ais;)

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.43
Communication  5
Delivery  4.9
Quality  4.6
Pricing  3.2

A not many requests put now and all been smooth as silk!,

Always spot on, never truly needed to talk,

Always on schedule, overall quite discrete as the sum total of what might have been,

D labs test 350
D labs tren a
D labs test p,

D 350 was for next course however needed to attempt it and I know it will be acceptable stuff, 1ml in quad and felt like I'd been kicked by a donkey however am an oddity like that.

Changed from another item and man would u be able to differentiate, the animosity from the tren is awesome, I could of twisted the draw up bar and test p similarly as great. Smooth no pop do 1ml of each in same needle, just thing is the hack yet again I'm an oddity and like that!,

Best source on here up until now, simply keep it up and the clients will continue coming!

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.8
Communication  3.1
Delivery  3.1
Quality  4.1
Pricing  4.9

this is a review for my last request from incomparable, the test I run for scarcely any weeks at this point and it's generally excellent i've attempted both gentech and rohm and both are powerful test. the deca is additionally generally excellent quality ive saw in brief timeframe better joint portability and quality and weight gains aswell as a pleasant feeling of prosperity,

very great, quick and consistently reaction to messages,

very great, secure pressing and all close,

Gentech Test E
Gentech Deca
Rohm Test E,

all are excellent decent clean oil's true to form, no pip and simple to infuse in each muscle.

supreme is probably the best source modern, delivery is fast, never had an issue, I would prescribe this source to all

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.97
Communication  3.1
Delivery  3.7
Quality  4.5
Pricing  4.6

Wow WOW what would i be able to state about these folks. Inconceivable client assistance, I am totally overwhelmed. Kindly read outline beneath.

A not many weeks back I requested some short ester tear mix, Measurements OneRip 200, alongside frill and so forth. Bundling shown in two days equivalent to consistently. Never had any issues with a preeminent request so once it was gotten I stuck it in my sheltered spot and contemplated it.

Flash forward to Thursday this week and BAM we got an issue, appears I've been sent 3 bunches of needles furthermore, 1 parcel of blue pins rather than the 2x needles and 2x pins that I requested. 1 pin left! That should accomplish for this evening's hit yet sticking EOD so I have an issue on my hands for Saturday's hit! Dropped the folks at incomparable an email to check whether there was anything we could sort at short notification (uncovering as a main priority this was late Thursday evening),

What occurred next was without a doubt the best client administration I have EVER experienced from ANY organization on the web BAR NONE. In addition to the fact that they offered to sort the issue for me no inquiries asked, they additionally offered to get them sent guarenteed Saturday delivery at a quite strong expense to themselves all to guarantee no disturbance to my cycle. Furthermore, when I offered to move some money to cover a portion of this cost, they were having none of it and said keeping their reliable clients happy is sufficient for them. Truly couldn't request more than that, and when they turned up as guaranteed today, well I'm dumbfounded. Amazing help and legitimizes why I prescribe you folks to each and every individual who inquires. 10/10 first class stuff folks,


Discreet and quick as usual,

Many items in past. Sister labs and Measurement primarily.

All spot on no grumblings.

S1m0n123\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4
Communication  3.5
Delivery  4.5
Quality  3.3
Pricing  4.7

Supreme have been incomparable up until a couple of days prior I grumbled about a clump of PT141 which was supplanted substitution was great. I bought what I accepted to be 40 amps of Efedrin for \xa364 as I\’d seen them on different destinations for $3 or \xa31.50 every then I just got 4 amps. I griped and got no accommodating answer,. I\’ve likewise now got an issue with a Test Base from preeminent which has transformed into gems and is unusable. I am somewhat disillusioned with preeminent. The Efedrin amps are amazing quality however just unfathomably over priced.



Various drug store grade items,


Danburman9\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.33
Communication  3.9
Delivery  4.9
Quality  4.5
Pricing  4

These folks administration are second to none! I submitted a request and chosen I needed to change the brand from Sister to Intex after I had effectively paid, they approved of that and have sent me out the intex! Top draw administration!,

Spot on, consistently answer I\’m a couple of hours tops,


Intex proviron
Pfizer Aromasin
Intex NPP x3
Intex Test E,

Have utilized Intex test E and was right on target, haven\’t utilized the NPP starting at yet so can\’t remark yet sure it\’s aaa great as everything else they make,

If anybody has utilized Intex NPP furthermore, can remark! Please Login or Register to learn, share knowledge and grow.