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Communication 4.28
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Product Quality 4.27
Pricing 4.17


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Arctic Titans Steroids

Added Sun, 13 Sep 20
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05ravenr6\' Avatar
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3 months ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5


Tren Ace
Test prop
Mast prop

Being that yoked has the reputation of being one of the best brewers around I had to find out for myself firsthand. I'm sure glad I did because it's been my best experience yet on steroidswiki. Yoked is gonna be my go to source from now on. As soon as he gets AI and PCT it will be my one stop shop. He gets a 10 across the board from me.

Communication was not really needed. He contacted me to let me know the pack had been shipped.

T/A was lightning fast. 4 days in total from order date. Packaged tightly and discreetly,

Tren Ace has aggression and strength thru the roof, while my body is changing daily, and test prop is doing exactly what it's supposed to do. Libido is thru the roof and my girl is loving the benefits lol. Mast P was for my friend and he is def satisfied. Everything is g2g which is expected from a reputable brewer. I see yoked going straight to the top

Barabbas\' Avatar
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5 months ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

Tren A Mast P and Prami. Yoked is a go to source for quality product and fast TA. He made sure I got taken care of quickly also. I for one will be a lifetime customer. Tren worked fast strength and aggression went through the roof.

Answered my email within 2hrs. Solid communication, after order was placed didn't need to contact cause he contacted me letting me know what was goin on, TA was fast 5days.

Been using all products for 4wks and I am stronger dryer and hard as a rock. Tren raised my aggression in the gym like crazy. I am at 100mg Tren a eod along with 100 Mast P eod.

I needed these products in a hurry hit up Yoked and let him know. He didn't have any Prami on the site but let me know he had 1 pack left in his stash and would hook me up with it. Stand up guy with great product. Will def be doing a lot of business with this man.

Sumatra_Triangle\' Avatar
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11 months ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

Most pain free oil I have ever used,

Spot on communication and advice as usual.
Discreet and packed tight.

Cut mix

The sustanon was extremely potent. I didn't expect to be feeling it so strongly the first week. I was able to complete an 8 week cycle with cutmix the final two weeks easy, all while working full time. Great oil to pin virtually pain free.

The sust gave me some flare ups the first week which was unexpected. My ai was expired I learned the hard way. Was absolutely raging in the gym and in the bedroom, and my nips hurt so bad I could barley work at times the first few weeks till I had a new ai and it took effect.
This time I'm getting my ai from Titan so I won't have issues with the peptides guys stuff.
Cut mix was perfect the last few weeks. Got me dry and hardened wish I had used it a little longer maybe.
I will definitely be repeating this cycle this year.

I'm getting some different products this next time I will be shying away from the sust and going for a test c nebido and tne cycle with a cutmix Finnish for da beach.

newcastle79\' Avatar
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11 months ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

Extremely simple ordering measure!!,

Excellent communication, burdened is a strong brother and will come through!!

T/A was as expressed, extremely prudent and bundle well.

Test e

Oils were fair, saw some quality gains and joint torment decreased. I can't say oil was outright fire, however at standard I was satisfied. Presently onto the oral (dbol) I can state with 100% truth dbol was feeble, extremely frail. I ran 25mg ED at first due to past experience, at that point 50mg ED, at that point 100mg ED, totally no common sides I would anticipate from dbol! Particularly at 100mg ED. I may have gotten an awful clump don't have the foggiest idea. Been in the game for very some time folks, exceptionally frustrated however as we as a whole know its piece of the game we play with UG's. Hate to say it however I have been pursuing acceptable genuine orals throughout recent years, and quite a long time ago I (we) were told quality vet orals were bad quality. I would take QV orals back in a heart beat!!

I would and will def do business with burden once more, just may hold off on orals. I like his time and much regard.

JL\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.95
Communication  3.6
Delivery  4.4
Quality  4.3
Pricing  3.5

I have been watching these folks for a couple of years. Got in on a promotion for some time back so got a chance to give them a shot. I'm happy I did!,

Super simple! These are my sort of individuals. Quick, agreeable and administration arranged. Communication was acceptable.

Always with in seven days. Wrapped tight and discrete.

Test c and e

Ran the test at 500 mg each week. Bloods returned a little above what they generally are at that portion. Great strength gains, expanded moxie and sleek skin.

The deca was remarkable I would say a piece ingested too much contrasted with what I've ran previously. I was feeling solid as a bull. Every one of my lifts expanded significantly. Joints felt incredible also.

I utilized the npp to launch the deca. First time with it. I figured it would kick in quicker however didn't see much until about week 3. I truly enjoyed the npp. Im going to run a sust/npp cycle soon.

I have to be cautious with proviron. Turns me in to a butt sphincter in case I'm definitely not mindful. I was utilizing 20 mg each day split morning and night. At the start of the cycle I like the effects. Expanded moxie and sensation of prosperity, yet as the long ester fire developing in my framework the terrible disposition turns out to be considerably more obvious.

I like anadrol for pushing past plateaus. There is acceptable. Extraordinary strength builds, turns out extraordinary for pressing on some fast size in the event that you can keep on eating while at the same time utilizing it. fourteen days on and skin break out begins getting awful however.

Cialis/viagra. It's difficult to clarify. We should just say she's happy and I'm happy. Haha,

If you searching for a great homegrown source. I would suggest checking these folks out. I will keep on utilizing them.

Hung2ThaKnee\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.37
Communication  4.7
Delivery  4.5
Quality  4.6
Pricing  3.7

I\’ve a few orders through these folks now both for a similar cycle. Extremely satisfied with everything.


Took a couple of days for the two orders,


Ran a multi week test deca cycle. Added winny throughout the previous a month and a half. Put on 35 lbs and some great strength. I\’ve currently been off cycle for a month and have lost about 10lbs however appear to clutch the rest. Extremely happy with the outcomes,

Gonna run some of there Tren E and test e next. Sitting tight for all I require to be restocked and I\’m going to submit my request. Burdened is awesome and reacts to messages rapidly. Extraordinary source.

Kinda_Big92\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.5
Communication  4.7
Delivery  4.4
Quality  4.7
Pricing  4.2

I have ordered from Anabolictitan ordinarily before, furthermore, have consistently discovered UncleYoked to be a quality brewer and a hold up fellow. He even aided me and another part quite a while back get my cash back from a past source he used to blend for. The person is simply awesome, and his stuff is the awesome! No pip, and incredible increases. I utilize his Test Cyp for TrT and impact and journey, so normally I would see if there was ever a drop in quality and I can guarantee you that has never been the situation. I will keep on ordering from Anabolictitan and can wholeheartedly suggest them as a source!,

Excellent, PMs reacted to immediately and all inquiries replied.

Packaging is consistently tactful and vials shielded from harm. Have never had a bundle seized or any delays in shipments.

Test Cyp 250mg X at any rate 30 vials in the course of the last not many a long time. Likewise Aromasin, Nolvadex, and Clomid to both control gyno and crisis flare ups from neglecting to take aromasin for some time (always remember any longer!),

Excellent quality, with ceaseless use for more than 3 years! On journey I keep up mass and sex drive, and during an impact I get anticipated gains and expanded drive. Have had bloods in the past to affirm, and haven't required bloods in more than two years as any change would be self-evident.

Great provider, and Burdened is a quality person. We are fortunate to have him here!

hardcharger74\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.37
Communication  4.7
Delivery  4.7
Quality  3.3
Pricing  4.8

I began utilizing these folks when another source vanished. I have since had around 5 or so orders from them generally smooth. Their quality, shipping time, and client care are magnificent. They are great at answering to messages rapidly as well. This review was for a multi week cycle that I began in June so I'm a nibbled late recorded as a hard copy this. With respect to the stuff I was taking 100 mg/ed test prop, 125 mg/ed test expert, and 100 mg/eod masteron prop.

i Have never talked with a source that communicates so quick and proficient, really removes the concern from ordering. These folks are first class!,

Always on schedule, and bundling is very watchful.

Test Prop 100
Tren Expert 100
Mast Prop 100

Tren A strong I regularly don't get tren sides really awful as long as I keep portion at 125mg/day. Not so with this tren. Tren hack, sweats the entire day (spouse caused me to supplant the sleeping pad after cycle), acid reflux, and I generally get loss of hunger. I dropped my portion to 100mg per day and the sides were reasonable yet I did not lose any of the great effects. Strength went up even while in caloric deficiency. Got hard and remained dry.
Mast Prop-worked very well at 100 mg/eod. Dried me out pleasantly and supplemented the tren well. Veins everywhere.
Test Prop-a little half a month in I think because of ed and running out of spots to infuse. Certainly intense at 100mg/ed.
Very great siphons, strength, and vascularity following fourteen days, and sex drive was off the diagrams! Acquired around 10 lbs strong muscle, and being in my 40's that is a major in addition to.

Thanks for the extraordinary items AT! They are the as it were organization I go through in light of the fact that they make everything so smooth and I'm yet to track down a superior item that I like more! Hyperion is the genuine article!

norcal915\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.05
Communication  4.3
Delivery  3.7
Quality  4.1
Pricing  4.1

See beneath,

I didn't have to communicate past sending the gift data.

T/An and bundling were extraordinary. Stuff was pressed safely and covertly.

2x Test P
3x Test E
1x Test C,

Ordered back eventually of June for cycle starting mid-July. Utilized the Test P to launch the cycle alongside a Test C at 400mg/wk. Went through the Test C and onto first vial of Test E and everything was all set. At the point when I changed to the second vial of Test E I got fantastic PIP in ventroglute. Utilized 3/4 of the vial before I understood it was likely a awful bunch and moved to the last vial of Test E. I'm three weeks into the last vial and feel like I'm not even on cycle despite the fact that I've increased it to 600/wk. This third vial might be finished bunk, I'm truly not certain. Just side I have is gentle sleekness however at 600mg/wk I ought to be feeling and seeing substantially more articulated outcomes and side effects. I'm not saying it's all awful - my test C and Test P were incredible, yet at the exceptionally least the Test E has been under-dosed. I've presently positioned an order with another source.

AppleJuice\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.1
Communication  4
Delivery  3.7
Quality  4.5
Pricing  4.2

High quality clean stuff true to form. Top rack gourmet expert bar none.

Fast communication and backing. Zero issues, very happy.

Packaging is proficient and excessively quick.

test cyp, pole prop, tren expert, npp,

I've been running Anabolic Titan's stuff for more than multi month's currently. I needed to give the stuff a decent run prior to offering any remarks on it. I should say that I am exceptionally dazzled and happy with the quality and effectiveness of the stuff. I've been running tren for quite a long time straight, at dosages of 300mg/day for timeframes so I'm to some degree use to tren what's more, what it means for me. Anabolic Titan's tren expert is effective and functions admirably, all the tren sides you'd anticipate. The test cyp is acceptable to go also. The morning wood, sleek skin and so forth, gave test the thumbs up. Npp and pole prop are all set also. The totality and power from npp alongside the vascularity and hardness of masteron were in effect also. Exceptionally happy I chose to give this source a attempt.

Very happy with the source and the stuff. Will be requesting from this source again very soon.

tampadave\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.5
Communication  4
Delivery  4.7
Quality  4.4
Pricing  4.9

Yoked is an amazing provider. Extraordinary quality, some gentle PIP, yet generally, I'm extremely fulfilled.

Unbelievable. Buddy is on point with communication and administration.

Discrete, as continuously.

Test E 300, Sust 250, Test Prop 100, D-bol, Tren E, Tren A, Cut stack(Tren and Test Prop), Radiance Test 400,

Test 400 was ingested too much, and had incredible outcomes, however I had to consolidate it with deca to diminish the pip. Tren is legit(had fiendish tren hack when I neglected to suction), and Fantastic outcomes. d-bol is fabulous. Two or multiple times, I had a little deferral or request mistake furthermore, he generally makes it up to me To say the least.

King_Geno\' Avatar
Junior Member Posts: 2  Reviews: 0  Threads: 0 
1 year ago

Aggregate  3.7
Communication  3.5
Delivery  3.1
Quality  4.1
Pricing  4.1

All of my encounters with BB have been consistent, easy, and well worthwile. He has consistently come through. Since he has cooperated with Burdened both have offered a similar assistance. A++,

quick to react, speedy to fix, fast to sort poo out. You can tell these folks have their stuff together. Not a novice co using any and all means.

2-3 days normal presumably. In any event, during busier weeks. Amazing t/a. bundling is typically fair, enough so nothing gets crushed.

Test. A wide range of tests. prop, E, C, sust.
Tren Ace
Tren E

All extraordinary stuff. Unquestionably a little thicker oil then some others, yet it is sans pip (aside from the supertest, that crap had me injured for a week).

I by and large run the test somewhere in the range of 500mg to a gram, with tren deca or eq in anyplace between 5-600mg.

Loved the last bunch I got, which was a mix of the old icy line with some hyperion in there also. Couldn't tell a distinction between the stuff. It was all smooth, pip free, and powerful.

Wouldn't stop for a second to utilize these folks once more. Been a go-to hotspot for the most recent year, and I have had only consistency with them. Extraordinary to have a dependable homegrown source.

Thanks again darlins

TrenKoff\' Avatar
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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.38
Communication  3.7
Delivery  3.8
Quality  3.3
Pricing  2.7

I have been utilizing this provider solely for as far back as 4 a long time and I have never had any objections. Oils, pills, and ancillaries all hit extraordinary.

zero issues and perfectly clear guidelines.

very speedy turnaround and extraordinary bundling.

Recently requested Sust, Cut Mix, TNE Impact cialis viagra what's more, nolvadex.

TNE hits like a truck, yet the genuine explanation I requested was I just wrapped up devastating my significant other with these 25mg Viagras. I as a rule utilize the cialis however these shook. Much obliged Brothers!

Noladave23\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4
Communication  4.8
Delivery  2.8
Quality  4
Pricing  4.4

I have been utilizing burdened's items to impact and voyage for just about 4 years and have consistently been dazzled by his quality and administration. 10 or more fruitful requests.

Quick to react to PM through roidbible. Have had a couple of little hiccups yet burdened rushes to fix any issues.

Discreetly bundled and got inside a week.

Test E
Test C
Tren E
Tren A

Doseage is by and large on point. Use Test E/C as base and to travels impact with Tren. Have been 220lbs in addition to (6'1") and tore for very nearly 4 years utilizing Yolked's stuff.

Will keep on being my go to.

steeltoad28\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.47
Communication  2.6
Delivery  3.7
Quality  3.6
Pricing  4

Overall extraordinary experience. I'll be utilizing AT as long as the gear is predictable.

No protests. Everything went smooth. Addressed my inquiries inside 24 hrs.

I put 2 orders. Initial one came 4 days after gift got. Second came 6 days after gift BC of the end of the week. Bundling was acceptable. I'm most certainly not worried about anything breaking the manner in which they wrap it.

Test prop
Tren ace
Mast e
Mast p 200,

My cycle has been...
Test p 150mg a week
Npp 350mg a week
Tren expert 350mg a week
Mast e 400mg per week,

My dick works. Getting pimples and slick skin. Almost certain the test is acceptable. My joints feel incredible which as it were happens when I run nandralone, so I like the npp. Night sweats began seven days in the wake of beginning the tren. Quality has gone up considerably. Put on a decent measure of lean mass in the previous barely any weeks. This is my first run with Pole. I've been horny as f*ck. Senses that provirom which I hear is a side effect of pole. Simply completed the pole e at 400mg per week and I've recently begun the pole p at 600 per week. Certain it'll do what its expected to do.

All the vials I've gotten have had an additional ml or two in them which I'm happy about,

I'd likewise prefer to include... my last request, I requested test p in any case, at that point sent an email saying I needed to change the test prop to npp which is a similar price. They recognized the difference in the request yet overlooked and sent me the prop. At the point when I let them know, they said they are sending me the npp liberated from gift, which I truly appreciate.

I'm extremely happy with the rigging and the price. I'll stay a steadfast client and suggest AT as long as they continue doing what they've been doing. I feel the apparatus is in the same class as some other I've had, pharma grade or ugl. Much obliged burdened, BB, and griz!

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