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Communication 4.25
Delivery 3.96
Product Quality 3.68
Pricing 4.01

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Added Wed, 15 Feb 17
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.9
Communication  3.7
Delivery  4.4
Quality  3.1
Pricing  4.4

Haven't put in a review since change of name from GC, so well due. Communication and administration consistently of exclusive requirement. Marking furthermore, site is exceptionally proficient. Never an issue with this source.

Always well disposed communication from GC. Despite the fact that my orders are little, I generally feel like an esteemed client.

Very prudent consistently and latest order far superior, especially to evade the oral clatters. Delivery time period very reasonable.

Custom blend

Product consistently is by all accounts top quality and satisfying results. Having a journey at present because of delayed use and skin erupting (thus the accutane).

Can't rate exceptionally enough. Item is excellent quality and no disappointments in delivery to date. Bar some absolute debacle, will not be looking somewhere else.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.33
Communication  4.7
Delivery  3.9
Quality  3.9
Pricing  4.8

This is a review for the new gc
(Really trust he stays as long as possible),

I initially reached the new gc to check whether he could do anything about a past request of honorable items (which were unusable) two or three messages he consented to discount me half the cash back or store credit which he didn't need to do this gave me the certainty to make my first request with him.

From requesting to my entryway was 3 days excellent consideration was taken to secure my products.
(The hgh was sent independently to the remainder of my request so shown up 5 days after the fact altogether),

2 \xd7 100iu hygetropin hgh kits
4 \xd7test prop (noble)
4\xd7 masteron prop (noble)
3\xd7test cyp (noble)
1\xd7 500 10mg ds Dianabol blue hearts,

The hgh was run at 4iu consistently (will be running this completely through 2016).
Run the dbol at 40 mg split am/pm for 3 weeks with 100mg of test prop e3d additionally for 3 weeks.
The masteron I utilized from day 1 at 100mg e3d all through whole cycle.
The test cyp was likewise run from day 1 at 1ml 2\xd7a week.
I could feel the side effects of the hgh following 8 days got truly drained and a tingling sensation in my fingers and wrists this subsided following a month. I additionally rest soundly on hgh like I said I'm actually running this now and adoring the energy I have and the rest I'm getting it's additionally keeping my midriff in check.
The dbol what's more, prop were utilized as my launch till the test cyp kicked in. I got moment high labido and that "on" feeling like feeling great the entire day. My solidarity was crazy for the initial 4/5 weeks then on cyp alone my strength plumeted I had a word with a couple of individuals and they benevolent called attention to my eating regimen was about a 1000 calories short of what I thought. my labido remained high all through the cycle so I know the cyp was working the drop in strength was a mistake on my part. With everything taken into account I acquired 10lbs and kept 7lbs after pct. I done a standard pct 10 days after last cyp infusion and imho the hgh makes the pct run a great deal cover didn't get discouraged or anything of that nature and this is the lone thing diverse to my typical pct,

I have no delay what so ever about requesting from the new gc. He is very proficient and can likewise enjoy a chuckle with the person

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.82
Communication  4.3
Delivery  4.2
Quality  3.3
Pricing  3.5

this review is for tren expert 200mg/ml, tren pro 100mg/ml also, there M1T.

i will compose everything to the best capacity and detail that I can.

communication has consistently been generally excellent with gymchemist, reacts inside 24hours
polite, accommodating and genuine. additionally continually willing to help.

package shown up following day in the wake of sending reserves, discreet.
no harm vials or on the other hand tabs.

very happy in general.

tren expert 100mg/ml x2
tren expert 200mg/ml x1
M1T x 1 tub of 100tabs,

the tren expert for the two vials, 100mg and 200mg/ml I feel where appropriately dosed..had all the tren sides I for one generally get that are awakening in a perspiration and being overheated on occasion and once more perspiring more..besides that no sides. the positive's are well indeed dosed, great smooth oil to remove from vial and pin, next to no pip from delt shots..helped me keep up my bf while on a lean mass, got more grounded over time..bench went up 15kg. happy about that.

M1T is an oral I wasnt to sure about running as a result of sides, yet I adored it..amazing oral I feel is better then dbol on the grounds that of less swell and water, and I would say for a fact beats anadrol for the sheer siphons, and launch to cycles to put on great quality size, didnt have actually any sides on this compound so im extremely happy with that, assisted me with adding around just shy of 8kg to the beginning of my cycle.
happy with all merchandise bought.

very happy with respectable items, happy I picked this lab to try..good quality stuff.

will be purchasing again.
thank you.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.95
Communication  4.2
Delivery  3.6
Quality  3.8
Pricing  4.2



This is a review for the "new" exercise center scientific expert as I have never worked with the old rec center physicist. I have a companion who suggested exercise center physicist since that has been his #1 source for a very long time without any issues.

Communication was amazing, all messages answered to withing 24 hours and generally inside an hour or two. Man appears to be agreeable and like he really thinks often about replying questions precisely and genuinely.

Took 9 days to show up here in SE USA, exceptionally attentive bundling,

Infiniti Test-C
Infiniti Deca 250mg,

Since I'm doing an off season cycle I chose to simply go with some deca and test. The test appeared to be kicked in completely in around 3 days in and deca around 3 weeks. The two of them stuck fine with no issues. I'm presently a month and a half in furthermore, up just about 8 pounds. I figure I could be up substantially more yet my eating routine is pretty damn perfect so I'm extremely happy with very nearly 8. I intend to run the cycle for 12 weeks with a pct and computer based intelligence. As of right now I was unable to be more joyful with the items and will intend to utilize GC for my next cycle which will be uncompromising.

Keep up the great work GC and much obliged!

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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.6
Communication  3.7
Delivery  4.1
Quality  3.5
Pricing  3.1

Thanks for the caring words brother!

gymchemist\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.93
Communication  5
Delivery  4.3
Quality  2.8
Pricing  3.6


Real disgrace you feel like this and out standard clients would not concur I'm certain, if you don't mind email the email\xa0protected [/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#a4ccc1c8d4e4c3ddc9c7ccc1c9cdd7d0d7d1d4d4cbd6d08ac7cbc9] email as I didn't get any email with respect to your unconditional present not being given,


shakyfakir\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.77
Communication  4.9
Delivery  3.8
Quality  2.6
Pricing  3.8

Excellent - I don't have any grumblings, this was my first time requesting with honorable and I will presently keep requesting as it were from GC. The person plainly thinks about his clients and the stuff that he sells. Won't take my business anyplace else now.


Second to none.

Packaging was fantastic, containers were pressed so as to not make any commotion.

Turinabol + Dianabol,

No remarks on item quality/strength yet however I am certain it will be incredible also, will refresh when I have utilized.

Don't stop for a second to arrange from this person, I did at first yet I am so happy I submitted a request. The terrible reviews are simply horse crap.

ManimalKing\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  3.42
Communication  4
Delivery  3.6
Quality  3
Pricing  3.1

My review for the new GC and the test enan from respectable ive been utilizing for my voyage and aromasin for my man-made intelligence. I reached the new GC when I heard he purchased the organization and was fixing the old GCs issues with high pip messy apparatus with clients. I reached him about some testosterone I had that was messy and in the wake of talking with him he reshipped the oils at reduced cost and tossed in some no-no medications I cant notice here however they function admirably and I welcome it. He shows alot of regard, the new GC is a kick ass fella.

Very great much better than the old GC quick answers and exceptionally cool man extremely simple to work with and connects it,

About multi week toward the west coast usa pressed quite well. Cushioned truly well, no harm or anything missing. Pleased.

Noble test enan 300 5vials and aromasin and prescriptions.

I traveled with the new GCs honorable test enan for the past 12weeks in the middle of cycles at 150mg every week for my trt. New GC swears all over the new test wouldnt be slaughter me with pip like the old group and he was consistent with his promise and I even pulled my typical bloods while utilizing his test and aromasin and my bloods indicated my test was actually where it ought to be in the upper 1000s and my e2 was a piece on the low end so I needed to withdraw my aromasin portion a piece. I utilizing 12.5 every day except needed to back to 6.25.
As for my journey I enjoyed it particularly falling off cycle can suck yet while cruising on respectable test my moxie remained high and my quality didnt move one hit. It infused easily and the oil showed up clear and was professional.
I plan on hopping up to 600mg a week with respectable as my test cycle base and pulling bloods once more. I would suggest the new GC. Much obliged sibling.

MrJuice07\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.35
Communication  4
Delivery  3.6
Quality  4.9
Pricing  4.9

Long anticipated audit which I ought to have posted quite a while back. A standout amongst other client support I have run over, GC consistently will hit you up and sort out any issues you have. Delight managing him.

Great client care as he gets back to you inside 48 hours of sending an email. There were a couple of issues with getting the bundle as it took close to 30 days to get be that as it may this was because of the postal conveyance and was out of GCs control.

Discreet bundling and comes through pretty much without fail.

Noble 4X Tren E, Respectable 4X Maste E, Honorable 4X Test E and Arimidex X2,

Great item quality, the test and tren begins kicking in week 2. With respect to the Pole I saw you could generally see the outcomes when sub 8% bf. None the less - incredible items. Ran a all out of 500mg Test, 500mg Tren and 500mg Pole. Body arrangement was crazy after the multi week point.

Kept me refreshed all through the entire requesting measure and got my item. Plan to request again actually soon.

bigmazi\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.4
Communication  4.3
Delivery  4.4
Quality  4.8
Pricing  4.1

I have made severel manages honorable. What's more, everytime its been on point.

No issues,

Safe and discret bundling. When dispatched its 2-3 days to conveyance in EU.

Allmost everything in the Honorable Line.
Test E and Tren E has been awsome. Strong and no pip. Test e gave large strenght furthermore, siphon in the gym.
tren e made me sweat like a creature.

Test e 1000mg ew 12 weeks
Tren e 500mg a month now.. in any case, isn't done,

You can confide in this person

aces_high_4\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.28
Communication  4
Delivery  3.7
Quality  4.8
Pricing  4.6

Been a client with this person since rec center scientific expert more than 2 years. I was extremely eager to attempt the new lab and was not disapointed! , Backing is first rate such a neighborly person, offered me heaps of guidance and tips when I prolased the l5 plate in my back 8 months prior. Top guy. , Requested additional pressing so missus didn't get me once more (she ain't so satisfied with the entire steroid thing). So secure took around 10 mins to open everything lol. There was additionally definitely no clatter as mentioned. Snappy postage, marked for. Impressive as usual. , Test p
Novladex , Utilized the dbol at 100mg ed a few months prior, large quality gains. At the point when I returned to the exercise center after my prolased plate injury my seat had gone absolutely south (100kg was substantial!) Inside 2 months on the dbol, I was sidelining 170kg again and could get 23 reps from 100kg... frenzy. , Just began utilizing prop and var at 200ml eod and 100mg ed separately furthermore, I as of now feel more earnestly and muscle definition is cleaner and vascular. Can't remark on quality on the grounds that im consuming less calories now so I have constantly got somewhat more vulnerable however this is nothing unexpected to me. Side note, prop shots are absolutely effortless. , Alter: I was stacking the dbol with a test blend and deca I purchased from this person when he was gc, test was exceptionally high (utilizing 1600mg test pw). This gave me terrible gyno... utilized the respectable labs novla and it has now completely gone. So I can thoroughly affirm it is gtg. , I wouldn't go anyplace else. I have complete 100% trust in this person and his item. Please Login or Register to learn, share knowledge and grow.