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Communication 4.57
Delivery 4.17
Product Quality 4.1
Pricing 4.43

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1 year ago
I recomend this source πŸ‘
Complete Order was Received 😍

Aggregate  5
Communication  5
Delivery  5
Quality  5
Pricing  5

This is a overdue review for the promo which included the following 50 Eurochem Nolvadex x50mg.

Comms and support were on point had no issues and all questions where answered in a timely manner in 24 hours or less sometimes more. This is fine with me and doesn't bother me I know the source has more to deal with than just my questions.

Turnaround was quick for a international source got my pack in around 12 days which for me is a good time no big issue. Pack was tight and very discrete I shook the pack and I couldn't here the tabs rattle around so it was a good job in my book.

I used these while on cycle for estrogen purposes and for water retention and gyno to. Yes I have used nolvadex before while on cycle.
I ran them at 25mg ed for 4 weeks and they seem to do there job to keep everything in control and also I could tell a difference in my body holding water it seem to be less. I didn't change my diet at or my training routine so I could see the difference in this compound as I have used before just not this brand.
I tried taking them in empty stomach and with food and I can't tell a difference and it didn't upset my stomach. I would take the dose in the morning upon waking up so didn't forget throughout the day. Not much more to say far as nolvadex goes but seems to work a and so what it suppose to do.

First time I have used this source at all and I would use again if need be. The promo was great and handeled very well on there end and got pack to me in good time frame.


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1 year ago

Aggregate  4.13
Communication  4.1
Delivery  3.6
Quality  4.3
Pricing  4.5

This review is for the 50 mg nolvadex that I got as part of a promotion a couple of months prior.

The source educated me at the point when the pack had shipped and that was all the communication that was required.

T/A was around fourteen days to the U.S. East Coast also, bundling was extremely attentive and secure,

50 mg nolvadex,

I have been utilizing for a very long time at 20 mg ED to decrease the noticiability of prior gyno. I have had gyno since adolescence, however have seen that taking a low portion of a SERM makes it significantly less recognizable, which is pleasant particularly since I live in the sea shore and it is mid year,

So far I have just attempted the Nolva, yet I was extremely happy with the item and the experience of working with ironman. I plan to ideally pull the trigger on certain powders soon, this was a test order and they passed with no trouble at all

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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.82
Communication  4.6
Delivery  3.9
Quality  3
Pricing  3.8

Thanks for review my companion !


5 hours ago

@Palmer909 Hey Bro,What are the products you are using? and how is it contributing to you?


5 hours ago

@bayjack73 Glad that it replaces the waist fats with abs :) and I'm a bit curious that it also contributed to your sleep cycle. But along with taking the hgh products; do you take any other supplements or specific diet for more effective results?


5 hours ago

@iron-kid Hey bro, what did you order?It is possible that the product you order is out of stock or there must be an issue with shipping. But they should at least inform you for that. Please Login or Register to learn, share knowledge and grow.