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Communication 3.97
Delivery 4.33
Product Quality 4.17
Pricing 4.18


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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.4
Communication  4.8
Delivery  4.9
Quality  4.1
Pricing  3.8

Powerbro is unquestionably my inclination and there is no qualm. Great equalization of costs, choice and assortment.

Outstanding client assistance, I envision there must be tons of sends, pms and so forth however he truly puts it all on the line to ensure you're content and fulfilled.

Ordered on a Thursday had the bundling by Monday the next week, strong and proficient bundling.

Test e, dbol and adex,

Was utilizing pt's cyp before going with enanthate this time around, the strength of the apparatus is certainly clear. Skin inflammation erupted a piece and I proved unable rest due to night erections. What's more, yes the adex is solid stuff, .25mg each other day is sufficient for my necessities. Dbol is acceptable and I love the taste (grapefruit?), very little more I can say truly.

Thanks powerbro.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.4
Communication  3.4
Delivery  4.9
Quality  4.7
Pricing  4.6

Trips gear is the crap.. I think he is number one for quick delivery and the best apparatus around.. On the off chance that you pin this poo, at that point you blow the fuck up.. Much obliged again Excursion,


Trip is the man he is up the entire evening responding to moronic inquiries regardless.. Im not kidding communication is the best and if there is ever a prob he is glad to make it right..

great I never have to ask where is my poop... The most ive needed to hold up was 4days in light of the fact that I requested on fri night and it was sent on sat..

clomid 50
dbol 25
anavar 25
win 25
test c 200
sust 350
pt 500,

on for 8weeks and have increased over 20# of mass.. taking 250mg of cyp ev week and was on dbol 25mg day for 4weeks. trips gear is the poop

Eclipsed032\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.1
Communication  4.2
Delivery  4.3
Quality  3.7
Pricing  4.2

Alright, presumably somewhat past due for an audit however I don't jump on here much and it takes an entirely decent source to get me off my can to compose one. Or then again a downright awful one! Lol. Most importantly, I requested from power 3 times. Quick correspondence, quick conveyance, no issues by any stretch of the imagination. Just the best assistance here. Also I increased 20lbs off his sust and deca. Got the opportunity to state hands down force has been perhaps the best understanding I've had with a source and I can hardly wait for them to be back up and running!!! , Amazing!! , Extraordinary bundling and quick conveyance! , Sust, deca, Tren, test prop , Extraordinary items! Probably the best! Accept the publicity on Tren expert!!

BeastMoDe33\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4
Communication  3.6
Delivery  4.3
Quality  3.6
Pricing  4.5

Wrapped up a multi week pattern of forces npp 150 @600/week, [email-protected]
/week, and 4week d bol launch @ 50/day , Correspondence was magnificent, he let me realize I could email him with any questions. Easy requesting measure. , Item was gotten quick, around 4 business days. Pressing was secure and discrete. , Requested npp 150 , All vials were equitably and precisely filled. Tops were cinched immovably. The oil was genuinely meager effortlessly pulled with a 23g pin and stuck with a 25g with no pip. This was a multi week lean bulker. Weight went from 192lbs to 207lbs with about 8lbs being slender muscle, exceptionally intrigued with the outcomes. , Additionally I harmed my lower leg during the mother lovin ice storm at week 10 of my cycle and my PCP was stunned how rapidly it recuperated. Dont know whether the npp added to this yet it sure appeared as though it did.

JJfranks\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4
Communication  4
Delivery  3.6
Quality  4.8
Pricing  3.6

This is a survey for two requests which were made inside about fourteen days (or less) of one another. , Backing was on point and snappy for first request, however in any event, when it was tumultuous and cray occupied, I despite everything got a reaction in a day or two. , T/An on request 1 resembled 3 days
Order 2 around 20 , oral winny (4)
oral anavar (4)
Test E 250 (5)
TNE (1)
Tren Acetic acid derivation (1)
Mast Prop 100 (2)
Oral Tbol (1) , The Tren Acetic acid derivation was not for me, yet I haven't heard any grievances All the orals were right on the money with quality and cost. The Masteron Propionate, and TNE was likewise on point. The Test E 250, I utilized 1 from the first request, and it was fine, the last three I got, Were not for me, so I am standing by to hear, yet other than some PIP, likely from the EO, I haven't heard a lot. The Orals are truly where this source sparkles. Pleasant choice, remarkable costs. , There has been some discussion on specific items being under dosed or a lot of EO, and so on.. The Test E I did from the taller jugs was fine, and every other item were fine. I don't have EO affectability issues. The last three containers of test E 250 were not for me, and are as it were half done (from the individuals utilizing them), other then some PIP, I can't state whether its under dosed as some state. The companions who got them appear to be satisfied and are making gains. , The quick t/a was something I enjoyed best, particularly if something was required in a punch. likewise, I was a major fanatic of the installment techniques. PT's utilization of a few less expensive and simpler to discover and utilize installment strategies is a gigantic in addition to.

reloaded87\' Avatar
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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.07
Communication  3.8
Delivery  4
Quality  4.1
Pricing  4.4

Force is a first class source with very quick transportation that is 2-3x snappier than pretty much every different US local source over here. His correspondence and client assistance is beyond what you could request. I have put in 2 requests with force and plan on setting more in the future. This survey is for my first buy I put with power when he originally opened up shop. , Force rushes to react to messages and answer and questions you have. He is straightforward and a high quality person. You can tell he wants to think about it about his clients and invests heavily in creating fire gear and conveying it lighting quick. , First request arrived in quite a while after installment was sent! , Test E, Deca, Dbol, Winstrol , I ran a multi week test and deca cycle and launched with dbol @ 50mg a day for the initial a month. My test and deca dose was 400/625mg a week. At the last part of the cycle I ran winstrol at 50mg per day for the principal couple weeks and afterward brought down the portion to 25mg every day due to my joints being incredibly sore. The test and deca combo exploded me and a couple of new stretch imprints showed up. My quality was through the rooftop and I felt like a bull and solid as the Mass. I increased 20lbs toward the end of this cycle with a loathsome eating regimen. , Force is a phenomenal person with extraordinary quality apparatus!

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