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Product Quality 3.57
Pricing 4

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1 year ago

Aggregate  3.45
Communication  3.8
Delivery  3.5
Quality  3.4
Pricing  3.1

review for lilly gh 72iu,

very accommodating and quick to react,

packed great and got all with in 2 days.

5 x lilly gh 72iu,

very great quality. all cases had distinctive number code child them all confirmed as genuine thing on telefone application. I take 2iu breakfast time and 2iu supper time. presently taking this for about two months and feel extremely pleasant. skin I like it looks dull I feel extremely happy man now consistently in a decent mood.
i additionally take testosterone e for about two months since I got from other source as a release,

will use once more. much obliged

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.05
Communication  4.5
Delivery  4.2
Quality  3.5
Pricing  4

HGH hygetropin,

Great correspondence. Very supportive,

Well following 3 days,

Hygetropin 200i.u with check numbers(verified fine),

Took initial fourteen days 4iu per day.From week 3 expanded it to 6 for every day.
Start feeling it kicking in on day 10. Presently being a month on it saw contrast in mood(feel some what cheerful) more youthful looking skin. Planing to run it for an additional 20 weeks.

Good administration.

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2 years ago

Aggregate  4.3
Communication  3.5
Delivery  5
Quality  3.8
Pricing  4.9

Audit for sopharma clenbuterol , magnificent for both , quick conveyance and bundle conveyed securely , 200 tabs sopharma clenbuterol , extremely intense clen and I have no uncertainty is genuine pharma grade
took it the old great way fourteen days on and fourteen days off
1st week 3 tabs for every day, second week 6 tabs for every day and afterward fourteen days off before an additional fourteen days of taking it.
clen accompanies locales on the off chance that it didnt it would not be genuine clen. my locales was hypertension and a great deal of perspiring.
i figured out how to free loads of muscle to fat ratio and im content with current state. , stay aware of good work chaps Please Login or Register to learn, share knowledge and grow.